The Greencroft Estates Tourism Development is an exciting flagship development in the northeast of England, offering high quality visitor accommodation integrated with high quality leisure activities.

True North Real Asset Partners (True North), aim to develop a high quality and sustainable tourism development on their land at the extensive Greencroft Estate, north of Lanchester. The Proposed Development promises to be something unique in the northeast and a region leading development which County Durham can be proud of. True North have several forestry schemes across the UK but the most local to the northeast of England is the proposed Greencroft Forest Park, a mixed productive forest extending to over 480 Hectares.

True North’s vision is to create a sustainable tourism development, based upon a high-quality lodge offer, which meets the needs of County Durham’s tourism industry, and provides significant economic benefits for the local economy.

The Proposed Development will protect the existing character of the wider area, delivering a landscape-led scheme with biodiversity enhancements, whilst preserving and offering conservation and public access to the historically significant Greencroft Estate.


The benefits of the Proposed Development include:

  • Addressing the need for County Durham to expand its provision of overnight holiday accommodation, unlocking the local tourism industry’s significant economic potential;
  • Revitalising the Greencroft Estate, which is sensitively integrated within the layout of the Proposed Development;
  • Better control of surface water runoff compared to the existing landscape and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems integrated as part of the Proposed Developments design;
  • Significant and widespread economic benefits for the whole county, including Durham City which is easily accessible from Greencroft with a robust transport infrastructure and good public transport links;
  • Public access to the planned Greencroft Forest Park, providing an opportunity for local residents and visitors to make use of the significant new outdoor environment to be created in the Lanchester Valley.

True North are continuing to refine the design of the Proposed Development, and as such are currently undergoing a public consultation closing on the 7th of February, to gather opinions from local residents to help shape the proposals. We would love to hear your thoughts:

  • Meet us in person from 3-7pm on Tuesday 23rd January 2024 at Lanchester Community Centre, DH7 0PB
  • Email us at
  • Or write a letter, addressed to:

c/o Planning Northern
Rotterdam House,116 Quayside

Alongside the public consultation True North have submitted a Preapplication enquiry to Durham County Council, to seek their views on the proposed development. Following receipt of the Council’s and your views, True North will refine the Proposed Development to reasonably address any concerns or comments raised, ahead of a planning application which will be submitted in Spring 2024.